About Unnamed Group

Our Mission

Unnamed Group is a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom that aims to provide free and comprehensive community management services to online projects that benefit the general public.

Common projects that we help manage include:

Our Resources

We provide a variety of resources to help projects succeed in their community management efforts, including:

Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse group of volunteers from around the world. We are always looking for new people to join our team, so if you are interested in helping us out, please get in touch!

Board of Directors

At the very top of our organization is the Board of Directors, who are responsible for the overall direction of the organization. With a wide range of skills and experience, they are able to provide guidance and support to the rest of the team. The Board of Directors is made up of:

Alexander Pooley (Twitter)

Alex is the founder of Unnamed Group and has been involved in community management for over 10 years. His background is in technical leadership and software engineering, specifically in the fields of data science and cloud computing. His key responsibilities include managing the Board of Directors, overseeing the organization's finances, and providing technical guidance to the rest of the team.

Toby Waterworth (Twitter)

Toby joined Unnamed Group in 2018 as a member of UAGPMC, and has since become a key member of the team. His background is in tech support and customer service. His key responsibilities include providing operational support and managing the organization's marketing efforts.

Stephen Jackson

Stephen also joined Unnamed Group in 2018 as a member of UAGPMC, also becoming a key member of the team. His background is in quality assurance and testing. His key responsibilities include overseeing the organization's quality assurance efforts and providing a keen eye for detail.

Project Managers

Below the Board of Directors are the Project Managers, also known as Collective Leads, who are responsible for managing the various projects that we support. They are the main point of contact for each project, and are responsible for ensuring that the project's needs are met and communication with the rest of the team is maintained.